National Health Authorities Warn

All Respectable and Reputable National Health Authorities Warn the Public Against Low Carb Diets (references are here)

A large number of respectable health authorities have come out over the years and warned the public against the dangers of low carb diets. These authorities include:

  • American Medical Association
  • American Dietetic Association
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Heart Association
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • John Hopkins
  • American Kidney Fund
  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • National Institute of Health

And this it just in the United States. Around the world, health agencies have issued similar warnings and criticized low-carb diets by calling them health hazards. Why would all these health authorities warn the public against low carb diets if there was no danger? All are these scientists crazy or working together to conspire against the “low carb” movement? No, these authorities have done their homework and they came out against low carb diets because the dangers are real, understood and documented. Please be an informed responsible adult and read what these institutions have to say and their reasons before following the advice of gurus, health coaches or gym trainers that promote low carb diets (very common in the cross-fit world).

Ask yourself the following the following questions about the person giving you the low carb advice:

  • Is this person in great health (low body fat, low cholesterol, low blood pressure, low blood glucose, nice skin tone, great energy)? Don’t get fooled by a Photoshopped picture.
  • Is this person following the advice she recommends? How long has this person been following this advice? How old is this person? I don’t mean any disrespect but a 25-year old athlete can look good under any kind of weird diet, so their dietary advice is no indication that it is healthy or not.
  • Does this person really understand nutrition, the essential nutrients needed for health? Where is this person getting his nutritional knowledge? From other low carb gurus?
  • What sort of credible experience has this person had helping people reverse chronic conditions using this low carb advice? Can you meet or talk with these people? Are they in good health (see first bullet)? Are they really slim? Are they still following that nutritional advice? If there was an improvement in people’s conditions, what were these people doing before? If a 400 lbs person lost 100 lbs and is now stuck at 300 lbs, this does not mean the low carb diet works. A low carb diet can yield a relative improvement for someone who eats a lot of junk food but it will not be an improvement for someone healthy eating a whole food plant-based diet (that already excludes processed food made with flour, sugars and oils).
  • If someone improved his/her health following a low-carb diet, what was this person eating before? Most people move from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a low-carb diet. Unfortunately, the SAD diet is the worst diet out there and any change is a move up in the right direction. However, a small improvement in diet does not mean the new diet is healthy. If someone decreased his cigarette consumption from 3 packs a day to 2 packs a day, we would certainly acknowledge the improvement but would certainly not call the new lifestyle healthy.

Don’t settle for second-class nutritional advice. You deserve better.


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