Low Carbohydrate Diets Are Unhealthy and Dangerous



Low carbohydrate diets come under different names and flavors, but they essentially promote the same things: juggling the ratio of macronutrients by restricting carbohydrates and increasing the intake of fats and proteins. The whole concept revolves around the avoidance of carbohydrates, especially refined and processed foods made with white flour, sugar, high fructose corn syrups, etc. In addition, the diet suggests increasing the intake of saturated fat and animal proteins from coconut oil, butter, grass-fed beef and other animal-based products. Most of these low-carb diets throw the baby with the bath water by restricting  fruit intake as well as starchy vegetables and legumes. All carbohydrates are often lumped together and considered bad, without making a distinction between unhealthy refined carbohydrates (cookies, white pasta, white rice, bread, etc.) and healthy whole unrefined carbohydrate-rich plant foods (oatmeal, corn, beans, fruits, etc). The most common versions of low-carb diets are listed below:

  • Atkins (Robert Atkins)
  • Dukan (Pierre Dukan)
  • Evolution diet (Arthur De Vany)
  • Mercola (Joseph Mercola)
  • Paleo (also referred to as the Paleolithic Diet, the Paleodiet, the Caveman Diet, the Stone Age Diet, the CrossFit Diet and the Hunter-Gatherer Diet by Loren Cordain and/or Robb Wolf)
  • Slow Carb Diet (essentially CrossFit/Paleo with beans allowed, by Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Body)
  • Primal (Mark Sisson)
  • South Beach (Arthur Agatston)
  • TNT (Jeff Volek)
  • Western A Price (Sally Fallon and Mary Enig)
  • Zone (Barry Sears)
  • And multiple others like Anthony Colpo, Dr. Dan Eades, Denise Minger, Jimmy Moore, etc.

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