Improve your health, look and feel healthy, avoid lengthy illness as you get older, improve your circulation, stamina and control your weight.

Achieve all of the above by eating the right foods and through moderate exercise.

The right foods are plants. If your present diet is centered around meat, poultry, eggs, dairy and sugar  that could be contributing to  and  promoting heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases in your body. If you are eating processed food and also consuming pop you are putting your health at risk. Sugar is toxic and it will lead you down the path to poor health, so limit your consumption right away. Fructose is even more toxic to your body and it is one of the  leading causes of the obesity problem. Fructose will make you both fat and sick.

Keep in mind that you cannot control your weight through exercise. For example a 35 mile hike through rough terrain might eliminate one pound of fat. So, forget that approach. Reduce your consumption of fat and sugar. That is, stop eating any form of meat (fat), and any form of dairy (fat), including yogurt and cheese. Stop eating processed food, cakes, cookies, chips,  white bread, white pasta, donuts and all energy and soft drinks.

Once you transition from your current diet to a plant based diet, you will find out what you have been missing. The food is more varied, spiced, interesting and fun to eat and your health will improve.

You can clean up your body, enjoy healthy food, regain and or maintain your health now. The choice is yours!

This collection of posts are sourced from the internet. They are the collected efforts of countless talented individuals. I present them here for a few friends and as an archive of material that I am using in my research. Thanks to the many contributors for the many excellent articles. Where possible I have  included the source information of the original documents.

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Ian Barrett

Plant Nutrition/Colin Campbell/ eCornell


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  1. Ian, you need a place where we can leave little notes…. maybe there is one; I just can’t find it…. Just wanted to tell you, I bought the Forks over Knives cookbook last night. IT IS AWESOME!!! PS… in the recipes menu, you spelled *desserts* wrong– 2 s’s.. :o)


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