Sugar/glucose-fructose is HFCS!

Public understanding of sugar is poor: Canadian Sugar Institute

Labeling: Making sense of sugar

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Ok HFCS is corn syrup that is converted from 100% glucose to a fructose/glucose mix.  It comes in three varieties HFCS 90 (baking), HFCS 55 (soft drinks) and HFCS 45 (sports drinks) with the number being the percent of fructose.

It’s the high levels of fructose that you body converts into triglycerides when your intake levels are higher then your body’s needs (glucose is also turned to fat via insulin).

Now sugar (table sugar/sucrose) is 50% glucose/50% fructose, honey’s ratio of glucose/fructose is 45% glucose/55% fructose (same as HFCS 55).

But here is where we get to the problem of sugar, that it’s a problem when you eat to much of it.  It really doesn’t matter which kind of either (though honey does has some anti-oxidant properties it will still raise triglycerides) in the end added sugar is added sugar

Avoid this toxic mix at all costs. Fructose is very unhealthy for your well being.

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