Good question Finlay

Why is the school nurse promoting dairy as a necessary and good food choice for the children?

Good question Finlay.

The very simple answer is that your mind has been captured by your parents’ acceptance of milk as a great food. Your Dad assumed it was a good product because his mom and I made it available to him.

Why do we accept milk, or any other product, as being good for us? Because, we trust our Mom and Dad to make the right choices for us.

Unfortunately, the Dairy industry has been brain washing school children for years. Even when your Bumpa went to school, we had a nurse come around and tell us how good milk was 67 years ago.

So, you can see we have been listening to the dairy industry for too long without questioning them.

It is hard to believe that we have all been deceived by this one group. The problem gets worse if you consider the nurse truly believes that she is telling you the truth. She and her parents were misled as well.

So we now have a belief system that says milk is good for you no matter what.

So, again, your mind has just accepted that milk is good for you without question. This is not because you are complacent, or not thoughtful. It is because you are trusting of your parents’ choices and of what the nurse is telling you.

The dairy industry wants us to be complacent, docile and subservient and not to question them or their products.

I know that you will make an informed decision on this topic as you make yourself aware of the real facts. The facts are as follows:

Dairy products will make you fat, they will clog your arteries with plaque, promote heart disease, obesity, and, worst of all, cancer. The protein in milk is a known carcinogen, that is, it promotes the growth of cancer once cancer is initiated. Most sinful of all, milk contributes to diabetes in infants and reduces the lives of many children to a life-long disease dependent on insulin medications to stay alive. The dairy industry has been warned and prohibited from promoting cows’ milk for consumption by children under 2 years old.

So, you see Finlay, there are other opinions but generally dissenting views are not published or supported by the establishment. By the way, acne and facial pock marks can be attributed to milk consumption by teenagers. Look good, avoid dairy.

That is why it is up to you to do one very important thing.



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