Accidents: Flying Physicians

While forever warning their patients to shun unnecessary risks, doctors seem to jettison their own advice as soon as they take up flying. In 1964-65, reports the Federal Aviation Agency, 30 U.S. physician pilots died in crashes; in ten cases, the doctors’ families died with them. As a result, flying doctors had a fatal-accident rate four times as high as the average for all other private pilots.

Major causes of the high death rate, report Dr. Stanley Mohler, a specialist in aviation medicine, and Psychologist Sheldon Freud, were “risk-taking attitudes and judgments.” The two researchers were impressed by “the tendency…

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What is the Rice Diet Program?

The Rice Diet Program - The original rice diet since 1939
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Since 1939, the world-famous Rice Diet has specialized in the prevention, treatment and reversal of obesityheart diseasehypertensiondiabetes, congestive heart failure, and kidney disease. Learn More.

Located in Durham NC, the Rice Diet is a lifestyle program that provides a safe and supportive environment to inspire profound changes, leading to lifelong health. The Rice Diet Program involves more than simply eating three healthy meals per day at the “Rice House.”

Patients are carefully monitored daily by a caring staff of medical professionals. Progressive classes and workshops taught by medical staff, registered dietitians, therapists, exercise physiologists, certified stress management instructors and other health care professionals are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to make lasting lifestyle changes.

On completion of the program, resources are available for participants to continue with a healthy lifestyle and to maintain the improved health gained while attending our Durham program.