Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone
Alicia Silverstone
on milk and dairy

By Robert Cohen Executive DirectorText
Tuesday, June 6BATGIRL is no longer CLUELESS.

Alicia Silverstone may be just 23 years old, but she has great wisdom, and she’s become the darling of the NOTMILK movement. At a recent promotion tour for her new movie-musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” Silverstone admitted that she has become a new person since giving up all dairy products two years ago.

Silverstone sings in the new movie and recognizes what opera stars and Broadway performers have long known. Milk or cheese before a performance will create a nasal voice and cause stomach distress to the performer. Silverstone commented:


“It’s like pure mucous. It’s just creepy. No other species drinks milk from any other species. It’s completely mental.”

Alicia was asked what happened to her body when she stopped consuming milk and dairy products.


“My skin became, like, completely glowy. I lost all this weight. I started pooping right.”

Here’s something we would like to see. Alicia, how about posing for carrot juice-mustache ad to grace the NOTMILK site? More and more young fans are beginning to follow your lead.

The most recent issue of the dairy industry magazine Hoard’s Dairyman (May 25, 2000) contains an editorial complaining about the growing popularity of vegetarian diets among high school and college students. Hoard’s writes:

“Rare is the family gathering that doesn’t include at least one teen who will pass on the beef or pork, if not the dairy products and chicken as well.”

Silverstone has become an advocate for both animal and people rights. By abusing animals, we abuse our own bodies. The actress said:

“They take…the cows that are deemed unfit for human consumption, and they’re all ground up and fed back to cows and chickens and turkeys and pigs.”

Alicia, we applaud you. You are a role model who has forsaken millions in endorsements to promote good health by your ethical and compassionate message.

Robert Cohen


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