The Remarkable Pope Francis—Cuba and Beyond!

J. Morris Hicks, engineer. writer. big picture guy.

My Christmas Prayer for 2014 involves his special leadership.

My special Christmas photo that I snapped last week on December 13, 2014. Christmas photo that I snapped on December 13, 2014, in Vermont. All that WHITE reminds me of the pope.

In my most recent blogpost a few weeks ago, after hearing of his speech at a U.N. conference about world hunger and the environment, I made an appeal for the pope to get seriously involved in promoting the ONLY pragmatic solution to climate change and sustainability. That appeal was posted on 11-26-14. Pope speaks out regarding FOOD & ENVIRONMENT

Three weeks later, we learn of how Pope Francis helped facilitate the normalization of relations with Cuba—after 53 years. From the NY Times (See link below):

WASHINGTON — The deal that freed an American jailed in Cuba and ended 53 years of diplomatic estrangement between the United States and Cuba was blessed at the highest levels of the Holy See but cut in the shadowy netherworld…

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