Tell Quaker Oats to Ditch the Dairy!

Oatmeal with Green Apple

Bad news for the Quaker Oats man: He’s getting a milk mustache this October.

Quaker is launching a campaign urging you to douse oatmeal’s disease-fighting benefits with dairy milk, which is loaded with cholesterol, saturated fat, and sugar. MilkPEP, a milk promotion program funded by the dairy industry, is behind the promotion. But you can urge Quaker to save face—and its customers’ health—by ditching the dairy.

Dairy is the top source of saturated fat in the American diet and exacerbates America’s No. 1 killer: heart disease. Milk also increases the risk prostate, ovarian, and other cancers. And it causes cramping, diarrhea, and bloating for the 65 percent of the population who are lactose intolerant.

Swapping whole milk for 2% won’t lessen the nutritional impact either. Skim and nonfat milks are not much better than the full fat variety. Most of their calories come from sugar—lactose—which is why they pack about as many calories as a typical soda

But Quaker Oats recipes can be easily made with plant-based milks that—unlike dairy products—are cholesterol-free and don’t contribute to heart disease, cancer, or digestive issues.

Please take a minute to sign our petition below. Let Quaker Oats know that dairy-free is the healthiest way to be!



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