Health Canada manipulates the numbers in favor of business at the expense of Canadian’s health

Sweet heavens: Statscan finds average Canadian eats 26 tsp of sugar a day

A new report released Wednesday by Statistics Canada has, for the first time, offered a comprehensive snapshot of how much sugar Canadians consume each day. On average, people across the country down the equivalent of 26 teaspoons of sugar a day, which accounts for about 21 per cent of all calories consumed.

That is an average of 109 lbs each. And Canada does not have a daily value for sugar on food labels. Simple reason the DV % would be of the charts. Instead Health Canada protects the sugar industry instead of the health of Canadians.

By the way the same deception goes on for fat also. Health Canada bases the fat consumption on 65 grams of fat per day or 30% instead of a realistic 20 grams of fat a day for 10% of calories. As a result fatty foods get a free ride on the DV calculation. Canadians being deceived by Health Canada once again.


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