Inaugural Plant-based Nutrition Healthcare Conference

“Type 2 diabetes trends indicate a looming pandemic with incalculable consequences. We’re putting into our bodies foods we were not designed to eat. When we consume a plant-based diet, our bodies begin to recover. We now understand how to prevent and reverse disease: Type 2 diabetes is a disease that never has to occur; it can be prevented and reversed with a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle.“ —Neal Barnard, MD
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Thursday, October 24 – Saturday, October 26, 2013 • Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club
CME Accredited, Inaugural Plant-based Nutrition Healthcare Conference
Conference Overview
Breaking new ground, this medical conference transcends the individual experience comprised of anecdotal stories and historical research typically associated with plant-based diets. The conference objective is to prove the benefits of the dietary lifestyle through a review of current and progressive scientific research evidencing the preventive and disease fighting capabilities of plant-based, whole foods nutrition. Geared toward medical doctors from a variety of specialty areas, as well as all other healthcare practitioners, the conference is being presented with a commitment to intellectual integrity, without bias or influence.
Our Vision
A nation in which physicians and allied healthcare professionals have received thorough education about the foundational pillar of prevention: a whole foods, plant-based dietary protocol. A sustainable, financially sound healthcare system wherein
nutritional medicine and its proven ability to prevent, suspend and even reverse virtually all chronic disease, as well as many autoimmune diseases, is fully integrated throughout the healthcare practice spectrum.
For physicians and healthcare practitioners to enthusiastically embrace the health-protecting potency of a whole food, plant-based diet; in turn, effectively promoting patient and client adoption. The result: Transformation of medical practices, resulting in transformed and dramatically enhanced health and well-being of the patients and clients served.
Our Mission
The mission is to produce physician and allied healthcare professional educational opportunities, with scientific substantiation as the core principle. This is for the specific purpose of showcasing outstanding leaders in nutritional medicine and disease prevention and reversal.
The goal is to educate, equip and empower the gatekeepers of dietary-related advice—our nation’s physicians and healthcare practitioners—about the power of plant-based nutrition, providing compelling resources they, in turn, can use to inform and inspire their patients and clients to adopt the optimal whole foods, plant-based dietary lifestyle.
Who Should Attend?
Practitioners of family medicine, internal medicine, chiropractic, cardiology, endocrinology, immunology,
oncology, urology, gynecology, geriatrics, pediatrics, lifestyle medicine, integrative medicine, physiatry, surgery, neurology, psychiatry, and rheumatology.
In addition, because of the relevancy of nutritional medicine, this conference’s subject matter is ideal for allied healthcare practitioners representing a broad spectrum: physician assistants, nurse practitioners, health coaches, and registered dietitians—those dedicated to empowering patients and clients with the most proven disease prevention


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