HFCS: High Fructose Corn Syrup

HFCS, high fructose corn syrup, is the missing piece in the puzzle that explains why Americans, in particular, are becoming obese. The rest of the world is catching up to us, though, as we export this poison to other countries in the form of soft drinks, fast foods, and other processed foods.

It is not simply because we are eating more that we have become a nation that is about 68% overweight or obese. We are eating and drinking more calories — and gaining a LOT more weight — because fructose has been substituted for sucrose in our processed food and beverages.

According to Dr. Robert Lustig’s research, fructose by-passes our body’s normal hormonal signal that tells us when we are “full.”

Fructose not only helps to explain our growing obesity (which began to skyrocket after this sweetener was introduced in the USA in 1975), but also our high rate of heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, hypertension, and more.

This is new information that needs to be factored into what T.Colin Campbell, PhD,(author of The China Study) and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn have to say about the dangers of a high-fat diet(specifically, from animal fat).

Quitting animal products — meat, poultry, milk and cheese, fish and eggs — is not the whole solution to our weight problems, cardiovascular disease, kidney and liver disease and cancer. HFCS is the missing key that opens Pandora’s Box of modern society’s diseases. Watch this video, please.

The processed food industry and their clever lobbyists would like you to remain confused about why you can’t seem to lose weight or control your appetite as long as you eat their products. They create Web sites like SweetSurprise.com and the TV commercials it contains to argue that HFCS is just like “good-‘ol cane sugar.”

Don’t believe it!

If you want the truth, so you can protect your health and that of your family, you need to read this Web page from Dr. Mercola’s blog and especially watch the video of Dr. Robert Lustig, a prominent pediatric endocrinologist, lecturing at the University of California, San Francisco.

HFCS is the key to the obesity epidemic

While it may be difficult to get through the entire presentation on HFCS by doctor Lustig, it is important to be exposed to the proven scientific facts.

I try to base my decisions on health matters on the basis of a consensus view of the best scientific research — and NOT the research that is funded by the fructose industry, as in the case of Websites like SweetSurprise.com or pharmaceutical industy pawns like WebMD.com.

If you want to be healthy, it is critical to be able to discern if the information you accept is tainted and influenced by a financial connection with those industries that are being investigated.

Men like Dr. Mercola and Dr. Lustig don’t take a controversial position like this lightly. They have a lot to lose in terms of their professional reputation if they were found to be wrong about such an important point as HFCS represents.

So I have a lot more confidence in the truth of their conclusions about fructose than I do about an industry-funded Web site like SweetSurprise.com or any number of mainstream dieticians(who are generally parroting what they learned in heavily food-industry-influenced schools).

My motto is “Consider the source!” Where is this information coming from? Who benefits? If it is the industry whose profits depend on your continued purchases of their products, BEWARE!






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