Dr. Attwood’s Low-Fat Prescription for Kids

Dr. Attwood’s Low-Fat Prescription for Kids
(Viking hardcover; Penguin paperback)

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“It is almost never too late — or too early — to begin making changes in our diet and life-styles. Dr. Attwood’s Low-Fat Prescription for Kids is a very useful step in that direction.”
— Dean Ornish, M.D.president and director of Preventive Medicine Research Institute, author of Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease and Eat More, Weigh Less.

early 70 percent of children who consume a typical American diet have fatty deposits in their coronary arteries – the earliest sign of coronary heart disease — by the age of twelve. This disease, along with diet-related cancer, accounts for more than half of their premature deaths as adults. But until now, parents inspired to change their own high-fat eating habits have received mixed messages about whether low-fat is the way to go with their kids.

Drawing from more than thirty years of experience in preventive nutrition in one of the largest pediatric practices in the country, and from numerous studies from around the world, Dr. Charles Attwood offers proof that a low-fat diet for children over the age of two protects them from serious illnesses later on. He joins a growing number of experts in challenging the nutritional guidelines of organizations like the American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. He also debunks the twelve most common pediatric-diet myths — such as the one that says kids need to eat red meat to get sufficient protein — and maps out a realistic four-stage switch to a meatless, complex-carbohydrate-based diet, after which the “fat taste” virtually disappears. Included are tips on getting started, food shopping, eating out, school lunches, and menus — plus recipes, with nutritional analyses, already kid-tested.

“Dr. Attwood is making a major contribution to humanity by teaching children about diet. I highly recommend his work.” 
— Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind.

“If we are at all serious about prolonging life and lowering our death rates, the place to start is not after these lethal diseases strike, in middle or old age, but by studying Dr. Attwood’s book and implementing his suggestions when our children are young. His work is thorough, clear, and persuasive.”
— Dr. Benjamin Spock.

“Makes an insightful and eloquent statement to parents that proper nutrition is, indeed, the best medicine that you can give your children, and that their future health depends on it. In fact, nutritional medicine is the medicine of the twenty-first century.”
— Dr. Art Mollen, syndicated health columnist and author of The Anti-Aging Diet.

“A well-researched, practical guide for parents and an invaluable resource for pediatricians as well. When we invest in better foods for our children, the payoff is a lifetime of good health and productivity. Dr. Attwood shows how to go about it.”
— Neal D. Barnard, M.D., president, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

“To have your child grow up healthy into adolescence and beyond, Dr. Attwood’s book gives you precisely the right prescription. All you have to do is follow it.”
— Ernst L. Wynder, M.D., president, American Health Foundation.

“Magnificent! I couldn’t put this book down!”
— Frank A. Oski, M.D., Chairman of Department of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University.

“Our best-seller.”
— EarthSave, Santa Cruz, CA.

“A dynamite book! It should be in every home in America.”
— David Essel, “David Essel – Alive”
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